Welcome to Prudent Tennis Academy in Hong Kong

A team of Coaches, qualified under ITF (International Tennis Federation) and USPTR (United States Professional Tennis Registry), delivering quality coaching to the young and budding Tennis talents. All the drills and exercises are customized to suit the individual need of each trainee. Coaching is imparted in three different stages, Introductory, Intermediate and Advance. The programs are competitive based and players are trained to compete in National & International tennis competitions. A high performance, International Standard Tennis program is also developed by the Academy, to pertain to professional level coaching program to the career oriented tennis players. The training includes, an assessment and enhancement of each player by the coaches through observation, skills matrix and performance. As children spend more than 5 – 6 hours in schools each day, we bring a program that fit and merges perfectly with a school’s sport curriculum. Introducing tennis as a sport at a young age ensures children stay active develop physical and mental skills that help in overall growth

Furkan ( Rahul )
Director of Tennis

Furkan is highly experienced tennis coach from New Delhi, India. He has over 16 years of coaching experience, mostly teaching children the importance of technical fundamentals. To See More

Mukesh Kumar
Director Technical

 With 16-years full-time coaching experience, Mukesh Kumar heads up an enthusiastic and experienced team of full-time professionals with the ability to deal with the 4-year-old beginner to the                                                                                            To See More

Consultant Fitness Professional

NASM Certified Personal Trainer Certification
AFAA and NASM Approved Fat Loss Specialization Certification
TRX Suspension Training STC Certification
VIPR Loaded Movement Training Level 1 Certification See More

Herbert Wong Elite Programme Coach Consultant tennis coach Professional Coaching Qualifications

Usta Professional Tennis Registry (Ptr) Certification (Age 11 –17, 10 &Amp; Under , Performance) ITF And Hkta International Tennis Federation.See More


Professional Coaching Qualifications

Private /Group/ Adults/ Ladies Tennis Lessons

The personal training is training where it is one to one in a different and special format. The player can take personal training our any coach. It can be for one session or long term. See More

Advanced Programs

High-Performance Tennis Program is for competitive junior players and young adults who have aspirations of playing college or even professional tennis and have the commitment to undergo the riggers of an intensive player development program. Lessons are conducted See More


Prudent Tennis academy Hong Kong coaches are passionate about tennis and dedicated to improving on a daily basis. We stress excellence on and off the court and our exceptional, experienced coaches will inspire you to work hard, improve and have fun each See More

Mini Tennis

Mini Tennis is about providing a fun and exciting introduction to tennis. It‘s exactly what the name suggests – a modified version of the real game of tennis. The game is designed primarily for children but in truth it’s a fun way to play tennis for all ages and abilities. It can be played at all tennis venues -clubs, schools, sports centers, parks, etc and allows young or inexperienced players to learn the skills and tactics of tennis and actually play the game. Prudent Mini Tennis concept involves three color-coded stages in the sequence of traffic lights that chart children's progress in tennis.

Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is a tennis inspired workout similar to interval training, which is periods of high intensity followed by short periods of rest. Interval training is the best way to train for optimal health and fitness. It is a healthy workout that generates amazing results. See More

School Programmers

Mini tennis is the first stage of the tennis pathway in which children gradually progress through the stages according to ability. in the process, the court size, racket length, ball speed and the length of games all increase until the player is ready to move onto the full game.in a structured mini tennis programme the guiding principles are the needs of young children. A good programme includes coaching, competitions, holiday activities, a social environment and links with schools.

Mini Tennis red ball

tennis classes, which comprise of the "mini red tennis ball" are played on half of the tennis court with short racquets and soft balls. An emphasis is placed on tennis movement and coordination, which in turn builds through See More

Mini Tennis Orange ball

Kids tennis classes, which comprise of the "mini orange tennis ball" are for kids who have developed tennis skills sufficiently through the usage of the "mini orange tennis ball". With the usage of low compression tennis balls See More

Mini Tennis Green ball

Kids tennis lessons which involve the usage of the "mini green tennis ball" use a faster ball and a full sized tennis court.  Classes will focus on developing correct tennis techniques on all tennis strokes.  The tennis lessons will incorporate a See More

Junior Tennis Summer Camp

Prudent Tennis Academy Summer Camps are designed to give student-athletes professional-level training in a fun camp environment. Our summer tennis camps focus on achieving significant individual improvement, both on and off the court. Over the course of the week, players are trained using the P.T.A method, which gives them the opportunity to improve on the most important aspects of their game. Most of our campers participate for three weeks or more and customize their program with private tennis or fitness training for accelerated development. Camps are designed to give See More

School Tennis

Program will start with the warm-up which includes running, side running, back running followed by some dynamic exercise like lunges, front bending, high kicking etc.court hitting to get the feel of the ball. Start drills with students to work on tennis strokes/skills depending upon the aim of the lesson which can be technical or tactical. Points play/match with game situations according to the level of the students to get the analysis of the learning process and also make the practical implementation of the coaching done. Will wrap up session with some positive feedbacks See More

Programmes Benefits

Our method is suitable for all types of players, regardless of age, fitness condition and tennis experience. One on One: You can boost your tennis level even more with the One on One Program. With this option, you get a daily 1 hour private tennis class and improve faster than many other players of the group. Each of the four pillars (Physical, mental, tactical & technical) are developed intensively, and each is tailored to the player’s stage, which depends on age, physical condition and tennis level. The stages are reflected in the range from the advanced Level to the elite Level.


Here we announce for all our players and their parents that if they happen to miss out their classes/ lessons due to any or domestic reason, They can cover up all the leftover lessons towards the end of every six months. Jan to July missed lessons can be covered up in the month of 15th July to 31st July. And missed lessons of August to November can be covered up in the month of 15th December to 31st December. We look forward to offering you the best flexible programs that suits every player and family. Please feel free to get in touch for any further clarification if needed.


  1.  it starts to rain hard, the following coaching fee will be charged from the player’s
  2. In case the player cancels before 24 the cancellation time and the court has been booked it is the player's responsibility to pay back the court fee of 72 HKD$
  3. in case the player cancel before 12 hours full lesson charge
  4. 15-30 min: 30 minutes charge
  5. 40-60min: Full lesson charge
  6. Required to bring sports clothes, tennis shoes, racquet, cap, water & a towel to their tennis training.
  7. If you do not have a racquet Academy will provide you with fast lesson
  8. Academy will not be responsible for any kind of accidents while training.