Fitness Training

Tennis Training

It is a system that is regularly updated because the tennis industry is constantly developing with changing materials that influence the speed of play (racquets, strings, balls…) and evolving training methods (especially in terms of physical and mental training) which ensure that we are seeing stronger, faster and more agile players than ever before on the professional circuits. Emerging trends clearly show that the game of tennis is becoming progressively faster; points are shorter and the start of play (serve/return) is hugely influential to the subsequent development of the point. This means that players have to be prepared to make decisions in a shorter time. We understand that modern tennis, and tennis of the future is played first with the ‘eyes’, then with the ‘mind’, later with the ‘legs’ and finally with the ‘hands’. At the Academy we apply training systems geared in this direction, combining them with the skills and efforts. All training should be carried out with a clear objective, applying the maximum concentration, with no differentiation in this respect between training and competitive matches. During the training we will decide the amount of time to be dedicated to each of these aspects of play (technical, mental, physical and Tactical) in order to ensure that our athletes are as competitive as possible.

Mental Training

Mental strength is very important in overcoming adversity and is one of the aspects that we work on at the Academy. Exercises are carried out on and off-court, with the aim of developing the psychological skills of the athlete, enhancing not only their tennis performance but also their ability to perform in other areas of life. The ability to make quick decisions, to think under pressure, and to know when to have constructive mindset and when to act smartly, are important qualities both in sport and in everyday life


At the Academy we understand that competition is a fundamental tool for the development of the athlete. Each student will have a personalised competition calendar according to their age and tennis level, which may include local, national and international tournaments. The calendar will be established by the student’s tutor, together with the tournament coordinator and the expert of the Triumph tennis academy so that the student can combine competition with study commitments. Registration, travel costs and accommodation at tournaments are not included to the price of the programs.


At the Triumph Tennis Academy, we prepare players for the future of tennis, applying
scientific training modules, innovative training systems along with submissive style of coaching.